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Clean, simple and plant-based. We chose ingredients that taste good and can keep you feeling good. Hover your mouse over each ingredient to find out how it contributes to making your (soon-to-be) favorite bagels!


Full of:


Loaded with beneficial fatty acids and a ton of antioxidants, this ingredient is not only good for your brain, it also give our bagel their signature crust!
Olive Oil

This high-fiber, ancient, whole grain is added for it’s crazy good nutritional benefits and to really ground our flavor in that warm earthiness you expect from a bagel.
Sorghum Flour

A pinch of salt keeps our bagels savory and delicious.

Pronounced [sil-ee-uhm], this soluble fiber from seeds of a plant keep our bagels soft after reheating them during your home prep.
Psyillium Husk

Made from the pulp of the Yuca Root – a paleo friendly flour that is used to add some stretchiness to our dough so we can get that classic ring shape!
Tapioca Flour

Water directly from the East Coast is believe by many to produce the best bread in the country. (And if you’re anything like us Philadelphians, you know the correct pronunciation is “wudder”!)

This unsulphured sweetener also gives our bagels that warm, golden glow.

pronounced [ˈzan-thən] xanthan is produced by fermentation of carbohydrates found in non-GMO corn and sugar. This thickens and softens our bagels, making them chewy and dense, just like a classic NY-style bagel!
Xanthan Gum

converts carbohydrates to carbon dioxide, gives our bagels a “rise”.

Helps our dough retain moisture, and sweetness- no refined white sugar needed or added. Additionally our brown sugar is vegan, produced without any bone char.
Brown Sugar

A naturally gluten-free grain helps us retain that classic bagel taste and texture.
Rice Flour

Your Bagels Are:

When you turn to your favorite foods, it’s not just about satisfying hunger–what you’re craving is comfort, and the taste and smell of favorite memories. Food is not only a necessity, but a connection forged through family, friends, community, and cultural experience.

In 2012, we started our journey after our Founder, Michelle, had family members newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Everyone has their favorite comfort food and for Michelle’s family it was BAGELS. The feeling of no longer being able to enjoy their families favorite food together set Michelle out on a mission.

Originally, we sought to create an authentic New York style bagel that was just gluten-free; but as we baked to solve one problem, we uncovered another. Startling statistics showing how 5% of adults and 8% of children have some kind of food allergy, and the lack of options for individuals and families kept popping. Even more startling was the fact that many facilities where most of our countries products are produced have other allergens in the facilities or on the same lines.

With this knowledge, we knew the best way to serve this growing KNEAD was to ensure our product are free-from the top 8 common allergens. That means we are free from wheat (gluten), peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, egg, fish, and shellfish. You can even consider us free of the Top 12 allergens, as we also removed sesame seeds from our everything bagels, do not use mustard or celery, and keep oats out of our recipes due to studies showing cross-reactivity in gluten-sensitive individuals. 

We also manufacture all of our products, which guarantees we have total allergen control and awareness, ensuring your safety every step of the way.

We are dedicated to creating products for your GREATER NEED so you can EAT CONFIDENTLY!