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At The Greater Knead we believe that people with food allergies deserve delicious food. That's why we've made it our mission to make amazing, high quality baked goods, carefully crafted in our dedicated top 9 allergen-free facility

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our story

Growing up, every Sunday our kitchen was a shrine to bagels.  Everything bagels with whitefish salad was my JAM!  When my Sister and Grandfather were diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I saw how much they struggled to find safe food and how much they craved their favorites. I set out on a mission to change that - to help connect people everywhere with the foods they’ve been missing and make meal time, family time again.

signature Founder, The Greater Knead

What Makes Us Greater

Authentic Recipes

We use time honored recipes and processes to create bagels and soft pretzels that are chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside for that authentic taste and texture you crave!

Only the best ingredients

Our products are thoughtfully crafted with only a handful of purposeful and high quality ingredients - the same ones you would use in your own home. We never use fillers or shortcuts.

Rigorous Safety Standards

Our commitment to quality and care for allergy‑friendly foods allows you to be confident in the meals and snacks you prepare for your family. Our products are made in our own facility free from peanuts, tree nuts, milk, egg, soy, shellfish, sesame, wheat, and gluten.

Baked with love

Every one of our employees is dedicated to our cause which means each product is baked with love from our family to yours

Reviews you KNEAD to hear

  • These bagels are delicious. We buy them in bulk and have friends deliver them to us overseas. Thank you for making authenic bagels that taste just like the NY bagels we were missing!!

    No other bagel compares!!!

  • I haven’t had bagels in a long time due to gluten intolerance. These bagels are SO good that they’re almost addicting. They taste just like real everything bagels!

    Addictive - almost TOO good!

  • These pretzel bites are delicious. They are not too spicy, which is great for those who don't like overly spicy flavors. The flavor is tangy and delicious. I like to serve it with ranch and veggies and it has been a hit on game day for an easy allergy free snack.


  • I haven't been able to have a chocolate chip bagel for almost a decade. These are one of the best Greater Knead flavors and I will be ordering them again!

    My favorites!

  • Thank you for making a bagel that tastes and feels like a bagel that is free of the top 8 allergens. I'm allergic to all of the top 8, except fish. This bagel had the right texture and taste, so even my husband tries to steal them!

    A bagel I can eat!? YASSS!! So good, so chewy!

  • These are the only gluten free bagels I’ve found that are chewy and comparable to the bagels I remember.

    Best Gluten Free Bagels

  • What is it about a soft pretzel that just keeps you wanting more?! The Greater Knead has nailed it, and my celiac kiddos get to experience that pure, soft-pretzel joy with these! They can pop 'em in the oven themselves and love making these up for a snack! Thank you!

    Kid's can't get enough!

  • Our household gives these bagels a HUGE 5-star review! In our opinion, these are the Best bagels we've tried over a 10 year time span in our celiac household...not crumbly or dry at all! Scrumptious even without toppings!


  • I wrote a review before, after only having made pancakes. I have since made cake and cookies, among other things. This flour is amazing. The chocolate cake I made (several times) is so good you wouldn't even know it's GF. I can make anything with this flour and know it will be GREAT. I am so happy with it!


  • These bagels are delicious. We buy them in bulk and have friends deliver them to us overseas. Thank you for making authenic bagels that taste just like the NY bagels we were missing!!

    No other bagel compares!!!

How we Schmear the love

Your order today will help support our local food banks in need of allergen-friendly foods. We are in this together.

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