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Clean, simple and nothing you can’t pronounce (ok maybe psyllium husk is difficult to pronounce, but it sounds like "silly-um"). Hover your mouse over each ingredient to find out what it does for your bagels!

Full of:

High in monounsaturated - Omega 9 fatty acids, this oil helps develop our crust. You’ll never find canola oil in our products!
Olive Oil
This high-fiber, ancient, whole grain is added for it's large nutritional benefits and to keep our flavor down to earth.
Sorghum Flour
Natures perfect flavor balancer.
Pronounced [sil-ee-uh m], soluble fiber from seeds of a plant, softens our bagels to help it reheat nicely when you prepare them at home
Psyillium Husk
Made from the pulp of the Yuca Root - a paleo friendly flour that is used to add some stretchiness to our dough
Tapioca Flour
East Coasts finest water is believed by many to produce the best bread in the country. Pronounced “wuder” if you want to say it as the locals do!
We only use unsulphured and a brand that contributes to The Elephant Sanctuary in TX. This ingredient provides color to our bagels.
pronounced [ˈzan-thən] produced by fermentation of carbohydrates found in non-GMO corn and sugar, thickens and softens our bagels. This gives our bagels the texture of a chewy NY-style bagel.
Xanthan Gum
converts carbohydrates to carbon dioxide, gives our bagels a “rise”.
Helps to retain the moisture and delivers a bit of necessary minerals without additives like white sugar
Brown Sugar
A naturally gluten-free grain. It’s a simply plain base helps us keep a light flavor profile
Rice Flour

Your Bagels Are:

We started out on our bageling journey in 2012 as Sweet Note, when our Founder and CEO’s family members were diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Initially, it was about recreating an authentic New York Style bagel to be gluten-free. As time went on, we learned more about the startling statistics about the amount of products that contained food allergens, and the lack of options for individuals and families.

Even more startling were the FDA labeling guidelines about manufacturing facilities and listing (or not listing) what allergens they may use in the facility.

Taking that knowledge, and wanting to create products that almost anyone could enjoy, we decided to remove the Top 12 common allergens from all products! That means we are free from wheat (gluten), peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, corn, sesame, and mustard. Additionally we are oat free as well, since we are aware of the cross-reactivity it can trigger in some individuals.

We manufacture all of our products, and that ensures that we have total allergen control in our facility. We wanted to build a company that would take into account your needs, as a part of a greater whole.

That is why we rebranded as The Greater Knead, and we rest assure that you can EAT CONFIDENTLY with us.

We are passionate about creating products with YOU that support OUR community.


Asking YOUR feedback about what you want and don’t want in YOUR products.

Creating food with simple ingredients, NEVER using GMO’s or artificial ingredients.

Always being TRANSPARENT by making all product information easily available and clear to understand (and wanting to answer any questions you may have).

Supporting the gluten-free and allergen-free community, spreading awareness, and ensuring you can EAT CONFIDENTLY!

Help Us To Create Future Products YOU Want!

New products? Ingredients? Ideas? Let us know! You are a part of The Greater Knead, and we always appreciate your “feed” back.

We will have surveys available soon for you to participate in, but for now, please feel free to reach out to us at 267.522.8523 or by email at [email protected].

Meet Your Team

  • Michelle Carfagno CEO and Bagelologist

  • Maxie Walsh Account Master and Commander

  • Joe Otto Keeper of the Warehouse

  • Mengyi Hu Product Investigator

  • Christina Cassetti Keeper of Cash

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