Whoever said you cannot play with your food was WRONG. These animal face bagels are as much fun as they are nutritious. Now kids of all ages (and of course, adults can play, too) can utilize your favorite fruits and gluten-free toppings to be creative in the kitchen in just minutes. Build a bagel bird, bear, cat, monkey, fish, or another animal/shape. Just remember prior to eating the food you make and play with to snap super fun videos and pix to post to post across social media. Send this recipe to a mom or grab a grand parent and go have fun for breakfast or lunch.  Please tag us at The Greater Knead @GlutenFreeBagel :) 

Gluten-Free / Allergen-Free Modifications

Playing with your food can certainly be gluten-free safe and free from the top allergens. Now is the perfect time to be selective in your animal creations and the ingredients are chosen to keep you eating confidently. Allergen-free chocolate chips, bananas, blueberries, dairy-free/vegan cream cheese, etc all exist. There are no limitations or judgments to choosing the perfect alternative ingredients for you while making smily fun creatures to play with and eat at the breakfast and lunch table! Please rate this recipe with 5 stars and share it.