Bagels are one of the world's most appreciated breakfast foods. This joyful bread-like food with a whole in the middle and topped with a creamy delightful schmear topping is so extremely satisfying to start the day!  Finding a great gluten-free bagel is the hardest part of it all. The Greater Knead has over 12 varieties of top 9 allergen-free bagels. The Greater Knead NY style bagel is soft, denser, and chewy than other gluten-free bagels while being free from to allergens, non-GMO, vegan plant based and kosher. Eating a gluten-free bagel should always be delicious, colorful and nutritious especially when you add blueberries, kiwi, strawberries, and orange slices to a schmear of cream cheese on a bagel. The combination of cream cheese and fruit is so worth it and we highly recommend it. 

Gluten-Free & Allergen-Free Modifications

There are many dairy full and dairy-free cream cheeses that are vegan alternative options. This includes plant based and nut based cream cheeses to avoid dairy. Most cream cheeses in general are all gluten-free safe and may have a gluten-free claim, but always double-check by seeking the customer service at the brand you chose.