The Greater Knead gluten-free bagels can do it all and we stand by it. Our bagels are soft and dense which permits them to have great toppings ranging from butter or cream cheese to even Korean BBQ, veggie burgers and various vegetables. The Greater Knead is different than a slice of gluten-free bread, but allows a mere gluten-free bagel to be versatile for more yummy tasting meal time occasions above and beyond a classic breakfast. Let's dig into this exclusive Korean BBQ sandwich.

Recipe History

Whether you have had a Korean barbeque or heard of it is a popular Korean method of grilling meat, (beef, pork or even chicken). You may have a chef grille the meats or do it yourself at your dining table on-premise and often chef made-to-order meal that is often a sweeter tasting cut of meat. How? By sourcing soy sauce, sugar, garlic, sesame oil and at times a ground sweet pear to achieve a Korean bbq signature taste experience. 

Gluten-Free / Allergen-Free Modifications

Although it may be too difficult to eat out at a Korean bbq restaurant because of the commonly used wheat-based soy sauces and the high risk of contamination, gluten-free Korean bbq can be recreated at home carefully. This recipe can also be made fee from a lot of the top allergens, except soy. Also, be wary of sesame in a lof these cuisines.  Tune into our recipe below that will wow you and your family and friends.