gluten free strawberry mascarpone cheese bagel

For those with a desire for a unique creamy sweet bagel breakfast for themselves or someone special this gluten free strawberry and mascarpone cheese recipe will brighten your day.

This recipe sources a mascarpone cheese, which is an Italian triple cream. This is what makes a tiramisu so creamy and special, too. Many schmears are made from a "cream" base and this one sure is as well paired with fresh strawberries and decorated with chocolate drizzle. Teaser alert!

The most fun and best tasting recipes are often the easiest to follow.  If you're like us you are a busy person and it's hard to find time to make a new recipe or try something new with about being pestered ;) Let's do this together. But a little challenge trying a new cheese or technique is worth a try. 

Just look at this finished recipe and know that goes good in yet good out.  Plus when you have some drizzles and in season strawberries this breakfast or desert bagel will be very photo worthy :) Some of The Greater Knead Ny style bagels are savory and others are sweet.  Choose your base bagel and enjoy this recipe for a sweety in your life.