We’re always down for a peanut butter (or nut-free) and jelly sandwich. Using The Greater Knead’s Everything bagel or Plain Bagel, several globs of chunky peanut butter and a heaping spoonful of raspberry jam will deliver on flavor, texture and fill you up. We created the most decadent and simple PB&J sandwich of all time. Wanna bet? Hehe.  This classic is always simple to make, it doesn’t really need a recipe, but requires creativity and versatility in the kitchen.

Recipe History

Research shows that the origins of the PB&J to the beginning of 1900s. From the Author Mark Williams book, “The Story Behind the Dish: Classic American Foods,“ Julia Davis Chandler published a recipe in 1901 of a sandwich utilizing both peanut butter and jelly that we can easily make gluten-free safe and free from most of the top allergens, easily!

Allergen-Friendly Modifications

A few nut free butters exist.  There are also peanut-free butters, too, pending yor food allergies.  The Greater Knead PB&J is next level even with very simple ingredients but adds flavor and texture using common alt ingredients and appliances in everyone's kitchen.  Everyone needs to try this combination at least once in their life. We used The Greater Kneads Everything bagels for this recipe, are always top 9 allergen-free.  Choose any of our sweet bagels, such as French Toast bagel, Snickerdoodle bagel, Chocolate Chip bagel, etc.. Warning, it is extra gooey so keep those napkins close by!

Cooking Tips & Tricks

One of the best part of a PB&J sandwich experience is that you can eat it fresh or save it for later and the taste only improves!  The nut butters and jelly sweetness gets absorbed into the bagel. It won't be soggy, but will instead be full of flavor for a picnic or long car ride snack with The Greater Knead. Please review and share this recipe on your social pages with family and friends.