Baking a gluten-free, meatless, and hearty meal can be difficult. What’s even more challenging is incorporating leftovers into a vibrant dish. Shepherd’s pie, a recipe originating from the UK, helps resolve both of these issues. Simple, fast, and delicious, shepherd’s pie is a longtime staple for a reason.

Allergen-Friendly Modifications

Our spectacular Shepherd's pie is made with vegetarian filling underneath mashed potatoes! Our take on this classic British meal will fill you up and warm your belly. Although it may have seem like a long list of ingredients, they can be fresh or chosen from what's in the kitchen without dairy and plant based solutions!  With only 10 minutes of preparation and 45 minutes of actual baking, this recipe is a great option for a quick dinner after running around all day.

Gluten Free Toppings And Add-ons

Our Shepherd’s pie recipe is not only fast, but also packed with tons of vegetables, which are always GF.  Vegetables are all too often a missing factor when it comes to some modern day dinners that might be carb heavy or include too much meat or poultry. Don’t be afraid to make it any way for your family’s version. For any meat lovers out there, a shepherd's pie is often made with lamb or sirloin. 

Recipe Tips & Tricks

The extra secret is passion and care. Plate it with your favorite cooking dishes, utensils and serve it for everyone to wow! Once your dining table has devoured this meal, please feel free to rate and review this recipe with 5 stars :) and share on Facebook for others to try. We hope you enjoyed it and can share similar gluten free recipes in our recipe collection. Enjoy!