Pizza on a bagel? oh, yes! It's as natural as apple pie or yogurt with fruit and granola, pb&j, or a high five :) The Greater Knead recipe team had been thinking about this pizza recipe accommodated for awhile. To be fully gluten free with a caprese pizza recipe we customized it further for a bite size NY style bagel on a plain bagel, everything bagel or tomato basil bagel. However, it can pair just as good if not better on an onion bagel, garlic bagel, etc.

gluten fre caprese pizza bagel

We suggest that you simply choose your favorite The Greater Knead bagel, which is purposefully made dense and chewy, and holds all of your favorite toppings like melted cheese (dairy or vegan cheese), tomatoes, minced garlic, basil and drizzly balsamic vinegar if ya seek a little extra flavor. The flavor our this gluten free pizza bagel is fantastic and worth the few minutes of prep and baking time, you'll probably want this on your weekly Friday recipe list.

Pizza bagels can be made for lunch and dinner as well. Broaden your taste buds, showing versatility that gluten free bread and gluten free bagels are quite similar when you have the best ingredients and superior flavor! We anticipate that you will enjoy it and ask you to review our recipes, share with friends and family, and feel free to post and tag The Greater Knead @GlutenFreeBagel social media. 

Remember to share, hehe, and you can scale this recipe for not just yourself, but everyone at the table. Invite family and friends into your creative recipe endeavors and Eat Confidently!