One of the most popular USA foods tried by all is the Philly cheesesteak! As a brand from greater Philly we know a good cheesesteak. It's part of our culture, love it or hate it.  The Philly cheesesteak has only three major components to its build. This includes the meat, the (gluten-free) bread in our instance, and of course the cheese. Onions and peppers are technically optional as part of a steak sandwich or if you're going Philly Style. It's always up to you to add it high or place it on the side.

History of The Philly Cheesesteak

The original Philly cheesesteak sandwich is made from thinly sliced pieces of beefsteak and melted cheese in a long hoagie roll. Hoagie rolls are quite difficult for us gluten-free peeps though.  It's an incredibly popular fast food option with origins in the one and only Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It can be recreated with the core ingredients for anyone, anywhere in a quick amount of time, too. 

Gluten-Free Add-Ons / Allergy Modifications

If you're craving the hot steak sandwich with ooey-gooey cheese you can create it for just about anyone. Vegan melted cheese is plentiful at the local grocery store, too.  As for the meat, plant-based meats do exist to layer on or a plant-based jerky also is an option. Lastly, you need a gluten-free roll or The Greater Knead bagels which are gluten-free and top 9 allergen-free. 

We highly recommend you try it out. Keep The Greater Knead in mind as a Pennsylvania company when you dive in. Our recipe is very flavorful. It's easy to make and enjoy with friends and family. Please rate this review and share it with your social media community. Enjoy!