These 3-ingredient Chocolate covered pretzel bites are delicious little treats with the perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors. These dark chocolate pretzels are made easy by using The Greater Knead’s Classic or Cinnamon Sugar soft gluten free pretzel bites and dipping them in chocolate for a quick treat. 

Allergy Friendly Modifications

We are always cognizant of adjustments in ingredients to ensure everyone can eat confidently. Like most of our recipes just a few switcherooskies and you can turn this recipe both vegan and allergen safe with your favorite ingredients. The Greater Knead pretzels are always top 9 allergen free and gluten-free and safe chocolate brand are available. For any other topping add-ons be creative with solutions that are safe for your gluten-free diet, or other dietary needs and lifestyle choices. 

Gluten Free Toppings and Add-Ons

If you don't care too much for dark chocolate? It is easy to substitute it for semi-sweet chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate to make this taste exactly how you like it and ensure it's kid friendly, too. Add another layer of festive fun with colorful sprinkles, salt flakes, coconut flakes or even chopped nuts on top!

Can You Freeze Chocolate?

Heck ya!  Chocolate is freezer friendly, but if you have a pretzel nugget inside you would need to defrost it for 20 minutes prior to avoid biting into a frozen center. After it defrosts the chocolate should maintain it's coating while inside becomes softer to enjoy.