The "Chicken Parm" encompasses everything wonderful about the great Italian style cuisine, with or without pasta.

Who has not enjoyed a delightfully tasty chicken parmesan meal? If you raised your hand, please stay and grab the ingredients. If you haven't had one in a long time you're going to melt (pun intended) over this incredible gluten-free chicken parmesan bagel sandwich and we are excited for you all to try it with us! 

This recipe utilizes The Greater Knead tomatoe basil bagel for that subtle pop of ingredients that compliment a chicken parmesan already. You also could utilize a gluten-free plain bagel, everything bagel, onion bagel or even garlic bagel, too. It all depends on your desired flavors! 

Recipe History

Back in the old days of the emigration to American from Italy, fresh meats were not that available. Food in general was pretty scarce.  Therefore, it is believed that the "chicken parmigiana" was actually created in American with breading, fried slices of eggplant in place of chicken for a dish that was close to home! However, when you have a chicken, you make the Italian American version, "chicken parmesan." 

Gluten-Free Toppings / Add-ons

Per usual, all the best foods are naturally gluten-free!  From chicken  to marinara to mozzarella cheese and Italian seasonings. And not to mention bread crumbs come in a variety of gluten-free options or can be made at home baked easily in a toaster oven or on a sauté pan, sliced small and grinded coarse or fine.  

The Greater Knead products are always certified gluten-free and top 9 allergen-free. When choosing our products be assured that we recommend premium quality ingredients to bake the best food for breakfast, lunch, snack time or dinner. 

There is nothing but delicious flavors, texture and aromas from gluten free chicken parm especially on a gluten-free bagel. We ask that you rate our recipes and share them throughout social media with your friends and family to try it out. Bake it as a surprise tonight. Browse our website to learn more about our commitment to the gluten-free and free from community.  Enjoy!