Do you enjoy caramelizing mushroom and onions? Do you have a great basil pesto recipe? if you had answered, No, to any of these questions then today is a great day to learn and try them with us and it always will be for this yummy gluten-free pizza bagel.

Gluten Free Toppings And Add-ons

Yay! We love basil and this basil pesto recipe can guarantee a good time with happy family and friends. Whether you have fresh basil in the backyard garden or can pick some up locally, basil is a ladies (and man's) best friend, potentially.

Our incredibly tasting and easy to make Gluten Free pizza bagel is next level. From the easy prep, cooking and plating, this is such an eye pleaser as much as it is delicious and satisfying, we assure you!

Allergen-Free Modifications

Made with fresh ingredients such as onions, basil for pesto, mushrooms, and fresh spices to romance your next lunch or dinner. There are not any of the top 9 allergens included in this meal as The Greater Knead bagels are also for everyone to eat confidently.  Plant based cheeses are delicious and we encourage you to try on that is nut free and free from.  Why eat boring food when you can liven up even a simple gluten free frozen bagel.  The Greater Knead can help elevate simple meal times with fun quick recipes. Please rate this recipe and share with family and friends.

We hope this bagel recipe like all others is terrific for your next brunch. Please rate this review and share it with family and friends. Eat Confidently!