Every at home gamer, sports fan, red carpet or Netflix TV watcher in general needs a go to dip that you crave so much. You wait for the special occasion to come for weeks and probable even tell a friend or coworker about it. It's that flavorful, dreamy, combination of ingredients ya just love so much!

We know that buffalo sauces are a common sports fan favorite. From buffalo wings to gluten-free pretzels the flavors are addicting. There is something extraordinary about the combination of spices like dill, parsley and fine onions, garlic, beans, chickpeas, vinegars combined with cheese and sour cream ingredients. Oh my, it's a killer combo!

Warning, buffalo sauces may be too spicy for kids, but you can totally control it mild, medium or hot spice levels to your choice. Typically a buffalo sauce is for adults who enjoy the combination of spices.

It was time for The Greater Knead to prepare a terrific soft pretzel nugget buffalo  dip for the snacker in all of us!  Try this gluten free buffalo dip for your The Greater Knead soft pretzel nuggets, chips, carrots, celery and any other favorite snacks to dip and review it so we know if you loved it. This buffalo sauce dip can be made vegetarian, and top 9 allergen free with a few slight adjustments. 

We are confident that you're going to dig this buffalo dip. Rate this recipe and share it with your friends in time for the next big game, weekender all night gaming, new movie, YouTube TV like a music award show!