Do we have any snackers out there?  If, you have raised your hand or nodded with a yes, do you appreciate a tasty dip to dunk and dip? There is nothing quite more fun than a trust worthy gluten-free dip especially home made. It's usually less expensive to make food at home, taste better when made with love and can be replicated once you master a great dip :) Am I right? Plus, learning a new skill in the kitchen and trying new things is what living a great lifestyle is all about.

The Greater Knead team also appreciates a fantastic dip for our gluten-free soft pretzels nuggets and bagel chips.  We chose to start a creamy dip that is full of finger licking good to the last drop flavor! Our gluten-free blue cheese ranch dip recipe might just blow you away and a must share dip to share with your besties.

In order to keep your dip nutritious as well as incredibly indulgent we do have a few secrets to share with you. Flavor is always top priority but we don't use artificial ingredients, artificial flavors or any junky stuff in our products or recipe dips. We prefer to use top of the line olive oil, fresh spices, and premium dairy or dairy alt. No cutting corners when it comes to great taste from legit natural ingredients. 

Get those soft pretzel nuggets, chips, as well as celery, cucumbers, carrots and iceberg wedges so your entire crew can enjoy it and will thank the chef! Have a napkin and a beverage nearby and enjoy watching the big game, tv show, red carpet TV event or favorite movie with The Greater Knead soft pretzels and dip recipes.  

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