If you love french toast but also appreciate fresh berries and cream cheese then you're going to have a new breakfast crush on our latest gluten free berry schmear. Fresh berries and cream (vegan or dairy) are a match made in heaven.  The Greater Knead gluten free bagels, which are dense and chewy, are quite the match made in heaven for schmearing all sorts of goodness. Just look at these fresh creamy ingredients!

Our Ny style bagels are microwaved for 60-90 seconds (pending your microwave). Once they are soft and no longer hard allow them to cool down and can apply your schmears.   

The Greater Knead gluten free bagels can hold and stack various toppings without crumbling or become soggy enabling an amazing mouth experience as you chew. This is hard to find in any other gluten free bagel let alone a top 9 allergen free bagel.

This recipe was made with our top priorities in mind: amazing taste, premium quality ingredients and no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and also easy to make at home by any chef or beginner baker :) we believe that amazing gluten free food options should still be made with great ingredients and there is no substitute for legit quality!

What's extra special about this berry schmera recipe is that you can substitute almost any other types of fresh berries, mangos, peaches, grape as long as there isn't too much water (moisture) in the fruit itself and is more fibrous. 

Easy to make at home regularly for breakfast at anytime of the day.  Impress your partner, family, friends and of course for birthdays and celebrations with our gluten free berry schmear on a french toast bagel. Substitute any dairy options ingredients for a top 9 allergen free schmear as well that will make your day extra special. Please rate our recipe and share with friends on social tagging The Greater Knead @GlutenFreeBagel. Enjoy!