It could be debated that a NY style bagel, hundreds of years ago, was destined for a smoked salmon lox cream cheese schmear. It's possible, and we're just saying that it pairs very, very well with our gluten free bagels for you to enjoy any day of the week.

Our classic breakfast bagel recipe features fresh smoked salmon, cream cheese, and a touch of veggies, capers with a perfected gluten free salmon cream cheese schmear that will elevate even your breakfast bagel repertoire.

Impress your family, friends and/or partner for brunch this weekend with this recipe. Alternate some ingredients to be top 9 allergen free and enjoy The Greater knead Ny style bagels, dense and chewy, transformed from from a frozen gluten free bagel to breakfast or brunch perfection. 

As a busy parent, one would know how challenging it could be to create a recipe from scratch. At The Greater Knead we focus on easy recipes, albeit they may require some planning, grocery shopping, etc, but still easy for everyone to create and enjoy. 

The best part is the flavor and plating. You can impress just about everyone who enjoys breakfast or brunch and upgrade a meal once in awhile and we'd love to be part of that recipe creation. If you enjoyed this recipe please review it and share!