Finally, a gluten-free skewer recipe that is delicious for any age including kids and adults. Sometimes, you just don't want to cook, grill or eat too heavily.  If you have fresh, fun ingredients in your fridge or freezer then you can creatively create a skewer recipe with The Greater Knead soft and chewy bagels, gluten-free soft pretzel nuggets, in-season veggies, and fruit, in addition to soft or harder cheese and so much more. Keep reading. 

Gluten-Free and Allergen-Free Modifications

It continues to be a bit more possible to ensure you are eating gluten-free and free from certain food allergens to eat confidently. For example, you can swap out deli meats for tofu, or merely swap for additional grilled veggies or raw veggies and vegan cheeses. Focus on consuming colors of the rainbow that are made from yummy, indulging natural ingredients for less guilt :)