When was the last time you made a crepe? Seriously...Holy moly shmoly our gluten free crepe recipe is a guarantee drool worthy recipe that you can adapt at home.  We started with our 1-for-1 gluten-free and top 9 allergen-free all purpose baking flour. It's truly a terrific combination flour to bake with especially for delicate delicious apple cinnamon crepes of all sorts. Occasionally, we also love to splash a few other combination flours pending your desired baking finished dish or if you are looking to add other nutrient dense ingredients.

If you ask 10 friends 9 of them probably will say they don't eat crepes regularly or never at them at all. So what if we are not in France. Let's get creative in the kitchen and ensure our food is always gluten-free and top 9 allergen free :)

gluten free apple cinnamon crepes

Our crepes recipe uses eggs and milk but you can easily substitute for vegan counterparts and still obtain awesome texture and flavor a crepe should be. Experiment and live it up as you will love crepes as much as we all do here at The Greater Knead. 

Our gluten free baking flour is also a top 9 allergen free, non-gmo, vegan plant based. It's important for us to create products for as many people as possible who are on one or more allergen free journeys. It's not easy and we know it.  It was created and perfected for you out there on your unique and special dietary lifestyle to create as many of your favorite recipes from the past safely at home. Whether you are dairy free, vegan, nut free or tree nut free, etc, this is a flour for everyone to utilize at home. 

After you try this crepes recipe with apples and cinnamon or your favorite ingredients, please let us know with a positive review on this page. Next, share it on social and with friends and tag The Greater Knead @glutenfreebagel for other chefs at home of all levels to try as well.