This gluten free cheesy skillet pizza dip recipe was inspired by the Italian pizza greatest recipes of all time. Combining delicious marina sauce from vine-riped tomatoes, Italian seasonings, basil and touch of garlic, salt and crushed pepper, multiple melted mozzarella cheese (vegan options available) garnished with fresh basil leaves. Mwa!

Gluten Free Toppings And Add-ons

cheesy skillet gluten free pizza dip

Join us indulging in this well thought, and always simple to make, gluten free pizza dip recipe. It's important to know that we take pride in our simple allergen friendly recipes that are designed to nudge you to try something new, be semi challenging, but kept attainable for any level at home gluten-free chef, too. Good for all adults of any levels in the kitchen. 

Allergen-Friendly Modifications

When you don't have all of the ingredients to make a gluten-free pizza, you can go into your pantry, fridge and merge very common allergen-free ingredients into a newly created pizza casserole for yourself and a group. For example, dairy cheeses can be substituted very easily for plant based shredded "cheese". It's a great meal to dip and dunk your gluten-free bagel and soft pretzel nuggets in a delightful creamy dip full of flavors! 

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Specifically, this skillet casserole style dip includes dense, chewy and soft NY style gluten free bagels (diced for dipping) on the perimeter of the skillet. In addition, we recommend our gluten free pretzel nuggets that are also top 9 allergen free for dipping as well. Just look at this delightful recipe!

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