There are unlimited recipes when you have the best gluten-free bagels! 

You will love this twist on a grilled cheese sandwich, which marries salty and sweet elements between the delicious slices of The Greater Knead bagels. If you’ve never tried apples in a grilled cheese, we urge you to give it a try. The tart sweetness of a thinly sliced crisp apple is the perfect balance to salty, tangy cheese. This can also be a kid-friendly grilled cheese sandwich for an impressive transition from basic to gourmet grilled cheese!

Gluten-Free / Allergen-Free Modifications

Choose your cheese that fits your taste pallet and dietary or allergen requirements. There are vegan cheese, plant-based cheese or nut-free cheeses on the market to swap out dairy.  The Greater Knead bagels promise a gluten-free, vegan and top 9 allergen-free bagel for each of our 12 bagel varieties. 

There is something very special about a soft, dense chewy bagel and matching it with cheese, isn't there? The combination of textures will satisfy. As noted earlier, thin-sliced apples can be juicy and add a crisp refreshing flavor to your bagel sandwich. You can also swap thin peaches, cucumber, figs, or even shredded carrots. Why? Because adding nutritious ingredients from the fridge can enhance your meals and add vitamins and minerals that you often don't receive in a classic bagel sandwich.

The taste of an apple and cheddar cheese bagel sandwich can wow you! Please review this recipe with 5 stars and share it with friends and family to try for kids or adults at your next lunch. Enjoy!