What to do With Leftover Bagels

Wondering what to do with leftover bagels? Maybe you accidentally let some bagels go stale or you just have too many bagels to know what to do with (which we vote is a great problem), let’s talk about what to do with leftover bagels.

When it comes to what to make with leftover bagels, you have a bunch of options. You can add them to casseroles, turn them into bread crumbs or croutons, freeze them, or prepare them into frozen breakfast sandwiches. Below are some specific recipes to try with leftover bagels.

Creative Leftover Bagel Breakfast Ideas

When it comes to breakfast, if your leftover bagels are still good, you can always make a bagel sandwich. It’s a classic breakfast idea that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Our best recipe for satisfying bagel sandwiches is to top them with veggies, protein, fat, and flavor.

Bakes, also known as casseroles, are another great way to use leftover bagels. Once the bagels bake with fillings and other ingredients, you’ll never be able to tell the bagels weren’t fresh from a bakery that morning.

If you’re looking for a savory option then you may consider trying our Gluten-Free Vegetarian Bagel Strata. It’s a warm and hearty breakfast option to keep you full for the morning. Complete with kale and bell peppers to boost the nutrition. Plus, it helps you use up leftover bagels in an exciting way.

If you want a sweeter alternative, try our Chocolate Cranberry French Toast Casserole made with pumpkin bagels. It will give a second life to your leftover bagels and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time. The glaze adds a creamy texture that compliments the chewy texture of leftover bagels. Our popular Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bagel would also make a nice substitute for the Pumpkin Bagels if you’re not a fan of the fall flavor.

Other Recipes for Leftover Bagels

What else can you make with leftover bagels? Well, bagels aren’t just for breakfast, especially when it comes to leftover bagels.

If you’re feeling like a snack, make bagel chips. Thinly slice your bagels and mix them with a little olive oil and some seasoning and bake them. Once toasted, even day-old bagels won’t be noticeable.

Alternatively, many recipes call for bread crumbs and homemade ones are a great use for leftover bagels. A food processor is all you need. Or try making croutons with your leftover bagels.

Leftover bagel bread pudding is perfect for a brunch or dessert. Once again, the moisture in bread pudding will be soaked up by your leftover bagels and will bring even dried-out bagels back to life with a sweet twist.

Leftover Bagels Can Still be Good

What are you waiting for? There are so many creative, yummy recipes with leftover bagels. Even though traditional bagels contain gluten, you can substitute with our delicious gluten-free bagels in any of these leftover bagel recipes. It’s time to go get in the kitchen and whip up a gluten-free tasty masterpiece with those leftover bagels!