New York Gluten-Free Bagels

New York gluten-free bagels can be hard to find. New York bagels have quite a reputation. Even if you don’t know much about New York bagels, you likely have heard of them, and probably have eaten one. This classic breakfast item can now be found throughout the country, served traditionally with cream cheese in the morning or creatively as a sandwich for lunch (and so many ways in between)!

However, traditionally, these bagels tend to be full of gluten. It’s what helps build the texture and flavor of the bagel. If you or your loved one has celiac disease or gluten intolerance, you may be wondering if these delicious rings of dough can still be the star of your breakfast plate. Read on to find out more about New York-style bagels and where to find NY gluten-free bagels!

Do New York Bagels have gluten?

While there are New York Gluten-Free Bagel options, traditionally, New York bagels do contain gluten. This is because they are traditionally made with wheat flour, which contains gluten.

In fact, bread flour is often used, which has an even higher protein (gluten) content than all-purpose flour. Additionally, they are traditionally boiled in water that contains barley malt (this is a red flag since barely contains wheat). These things combined make a traditional New York-style bagel off the table for anyone who is sensitive to gluten.

However, if you or your loved one needs a celiac-safe option, it's totally possible to enjoy a gluten-free version of the New York-style bagel! The Greater Knead offers a wide selection of certified gluten-free bagels that are also free of preservatives and don’t contain any of the top 9 food allergens. They are the perfect safe alternative to gluten-containing bagels.

What is a Traditional New York bagel?

Gluten-free status of New York Bagels out of the way, according to NPR, Traditional New York Bagels are set apart by how they are made.

First, the bagel dough is shaped into rings and then chilled in the refrigerator for a couple of days. This is so that the yeast in the dough ferments slower and develops more flavor.

Then, the bagels are boiled, which is the key step. They are boiled for a short time in a mixture of water and malt barley. This process locks in the moisture in the bagel’s interior prior to baking and causes the crust to develop its crispy exterior, hallmarks of the New York bagel. Plus, the steam produced inside the bagels gives them their trademark chewy texture.

Some suggest that it’s not just the barley malt that’s added to the water the bagels are boiled in that makes New York bagels special. Some also believe that it’s the use of New York City Water that helps makes these bagels unique.

Here at The Greater Knead, we have removed gluten from the different steps in processing (like using gluten-free flour and omitting the barley malt from boiling). This creates New York Gluten-Free Bagels that still bring you the classic crispy exterior with the chewy yet soft inside.

Why are NY bagels famous?

Putting aside what a Traditional NY-Style bagel is and if it’s gluten-free, let’s get to the serious question of why are NY-Style Bagels so famous? NY Bagels are famous for their rich history and unique style when compared to regular bagels. As mentioned above, New York-style bagels have many unique characteristics due to the unique way they are prepared.

Due to their unique preparation, NY-Style bagels have a shiny crispy crust that gives you the perfect crunch when you bite into them. But they also have a chewy soft inside that balances the crunchy crust beautifully. These bagels essentially make for an amazing textural experience that regular bagels just can’t compare to. This likely plays into why NY bagels are so famous.

New York Gluten-Free Bagels Delivered

Don’t live in NY? That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy New York gluten-free bagels. The Greater Knead Bagels offers delivery of its amazing gluten-free NY-style bagels. And rest assured, we ship to anywhere in the USA!

What’s even better? Our bagels are shipped frozen to maintain freshness for as long as possible.


Whether they’re traditionally full of gluten or made gluten-free, New York bagels are a special spin on a dough ring that can’t be found in any other baked good.

A trend that took off in the Lower East Side, their unique preparation method and distinct texture have made them popular across the nation!

Although New York bagels are traditionally made with gluten-containing ingredients, The Greater Knead offers delivery of delicious, gluten-free bagels right to your door! The next time you’re deciding what to have for breakfast, grab your favorite cream cheese flavor and toast up a gluten-free New York Bagel!