Where Do Bagels Come From?

We’re paying respect to the history of bagels by answering the question “Where do Bagels Come From?”. Most people are familiar with the round, shiny breakfast bread with its characteristic hole in the center. However, most bagel fans have no idea where the bagel came from or how it ended up on their plates. Read on to discover the intriguing history of the bagel!

Where Do Bagels Come From The Beginning

Bread shaped in a circle with a hole in the middle has been around for a very long time. Once known as obwarzanek, bagels date back to as early as 1934. Even prior to that, there are writings that talk about bagels in earlier texts.

Regardless, their claim to fame is often credited to a Jewish story. The scene was 17th century Poland, the breadbasket in the heart of Europe. After the 1683 Battle of Vienna, King Jan Sobieski decided not to uphold the decree of 1496 that had restricted the production of obwarzanek, which was a parboiled bread similar to the modern-day bagel. Jewish people were then free to bake these early bagels in the city and the trend took off.

Bagels are parboiled then baked, which makes them stay fresh longer and was an important factor in making food last longer among poor groups. In fact, bagels may be a descendent of the German soft pretzel, another parboiled then baked bread item that would have been valuable to poor people because of its lasting freshness.

Where Did Bagels Come From in America?

Where did bagels come from in America? Although it is uncertain how the bagel began, according to the Smithsonian, they are thought to have arrived in America with Jewish immigrants from europe in the late 1800s. And they quickly took off as bagels were sold on street stands in New York.

But the question still stands... why do bagels have holes? No one really knows, but the hole did make it easy for vendors to hang bagels on street stands for display.

And ultimately, because bagels became so popular in New York, the New York Style Bagel become popular.

Where the New York Style Bagel Came From

The most important question of this is, where did the New York Style Bagel Come from? As a gluten-free New York Style Bagel bakery, we want to show you our roots.

Of course, New York Style Bagels come from New York, but what makes them special? How did they come to be? Some people speculate it’s the New York City water that makes the NYC bagels special. But what it really comes down to, is how the bagels are made. Many bakeries keep their processes a secret. And at the end of the day, it’s these unique processes that bring you the chewy, dense, and doughy texture that people know and love in an NYC-style bagel.

Be a Part of the Bagel’s Legacy

Bagels are meant for everyone to enjoy! With a rich history, they are a modern-day classic for breakfast and beyond! However, traditional bagels aren’t gluten-free because they are made with wheat flour. No worries... our gluten-free bagels are the perfect solution! Try one today and see for yourself why bagels – including gluten-free ones – have been a beloved bread variety for so many years!