If you love avocados then please raise both hands! Yes. Gluten-Free by nature, avocados are perhaps the most yummiest and most versatile fruit.  Our team has all come to a consensus that some type of gluten-free and allergen friendly guacamole recipe made from terrific ingredients should be included in our next recipe creation for you all. 

Gluten Free Toppings And Add-ons

spicy guac avocado toast

Our gluten-free spicy guacamole bagel toast is a delightful recipe for breakfast, brunch, lunch and anytime snacking. We sourced many fresh ingredients, herbs, and although we strive for taste and indulgence, using quality ingredients is also just as important. Eating well is full circle!

Allergen-Free Modifications

The Greater Knead NY style bagel is always top 9 allergen-free and typically microwaved to become dense and chewy. However you can also "toast" it afterwards for more of a crisp toasted bagel crunch if need be. Once you take a bite of this gluten free bagel toast you'll love the creamy guacamole along with heat from the jalapenos. All ingredients were carefully selected to be for everyone to eat confidently. If you love spicy heat then go ahead and mince and be careful of the amount of seeds! 

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Can you remember the last time you made a guacamole recipe? Although it not too challenging, having fresh ingredients is the key. We suggest in addition to avocados, cilantro, tomatoes, red onion, jalapeno as a great start. Mashing avocados is fun and often therapeutic. Use a fork to press and combine the ingredients below into a delightful guac.

Please rate and review this gluten free bagel toast recipe and share with friends and family if you enjoyed it. We hope that this may have inspired you to create another similar toast recipe to diversify your meal planning. You can do it!