Is there anything more frustrating than waking up and staring in the fridge? Ugh, there is nothing good to eat for breakfast today. Nothing is ready for you and you'll have to make it all yourself. Cooking up a storm in the morning can be frustrating. Sometimes we just don't care to do it. Can someone else just cook a scrumptious gluten-free breakfast today :)

Gluten Free Toppings And Add-ons

Welcome to Gluten Free Breakfast Sandwich bliss (or brunch) according to the recipe team here at The Greater Knead!  We introduce today the ultimate gluten free bagel breakfast sandwich made with crispy bacon slices (vegan option encouraged) along with an egg smash (vegan option encouraged) as well as lettuce, tomato and cracked pepper and dash of salt. OMG. Yes this is a breakfast for all that seek flavor :)

Allergen-Friendly Modifications 

Substitutes are welcomed for all dietary restrictions. Since one slice of bacon is rarely enough we encourage three crispy slices to treat this bagel sandwich. Vegan options do exist even for bacon! The anchor of your sandwich is always the bread or in this case the bagel. Greater Knead has a variety of gluten-free bagel options that can add extra flavor, taste and texture to a great sandwich. For the simple but classic route a plain bagel will suffice, but for extra flavor we encourage salt bagel, onion bagel, garlic bagel, tomato basil bagel or a sweet cinnamon raisin bagel to name just a few.

While you are at it double the recipe for that special someone and start your day with a hearty, nutrient dense and indulgent breakfast meal. If you love this sandwich please provide five stars and share it on your social media and tag @glutenfreebagel #glutenfreebagel. Enjoy!