Can you imagine the super sizzle and smoky steam from the flank steak cooking? Imagine the smell of the broiled meats, veggies, and spices, oh goodness! But hold on, no sampling yet... wait until this mighty steak sandwich on a gluten-free bagel is ready before you bite into it. Flank steak cooks fast so get the table ready for plating, ingredients lined up, and hungry mouths nearby for this sizzling hot bagel sandwich served on The Greater Knead onion bagel!

Allergen-Friendly Modifications

Recommend looking for pasture-raised without hormone flank steak options from the grocery store, butcher or local farm.  Since all meat is naturally free from allergies just ensure it's not pre-seasoned with risky ingredients which also could have a risk of cross-contamination in a factory. If you're on a plant-based vegan lifestyle you can find meat alternatives to substitute easily and still capture the awesomeness of this broiled and sizzled fajita bagel sandwich. Best of all our gluten-free onion bagel is gluten-free and free from the top 9 food allergens. 

Recipe History

The flank steak is a flat, usually long cut of meat with a lot of graining.  Flank steak is from the flank of the cow located in the rear quarter. Both full of flavorful and also chewy in a good way! Brasil and Colombian dishes often include flank. It is always cut thinly for taste, texture and enjoyment. Flank steak is also frequently used in Asian meals and what we call stir fry. In a French cuisine it is commonly cooked medium-rare. Flank also serves as a common cut for premium jerky.