This Gluten Free Grilled Peach, Goat Cheese and Mint Bagel is a perfect Spring and Summer sandwich. Made with farm fresh peaches and store fresh goat cheese smeared is the perfect way to spruce up your meal planning.  As you frequent your local farmer's market fruit stands be sure to add peaches, watermelon and the in season favorites to your list. 

Allergen-Friendly Modifications

From the Spring through early Fall you'll start to see colorful fruits and veggies start to be featured at the farmers market and local grocery stores that source local and seasonal gems!  Farm fresh symbolizes that these are allergen friendly ingredients. Start with your favorite savory gluten-free and allergen-free bagel flavor from The Greater Knead and add some premium quality and fresh goat cheese or a plant based cheese alternative to your liking. Choose peaches that are sweet but still firm while draining any of the liquid juiciness. You’ll have a delicious and bursting-with-flavor sandwich ready in no time with The Greater Knead bagels. 

Gluten Free Toppings And Add-ons

What makes this meat-less sandwich fulfilling despite lacking a high protein capability is the textures of peaches, cheese and chewiness of The Greater Knead's gluten-free bread bagel.  More often than not a gluten free bread will have either holes, be too small or require a double portion to satisfy. Our bagels satisfy on all levels: taste, texture and satisfaction as they are NY style soft, dense and chewy bagels. 

Can I Freeze Bagels?

Pending the ingredients some bagels can be frozen and others should not. Cottage cheese and peaches are not ideal. The best gluten free bagels available today are gluten-free and top 9 allergen free. Remember that versatile, great tasting recipes are using creative options from your own kitchen.  Whether you enjoy vegan, meat-less or full of meat-y foods you can enjoy meals that are made with premium quality ingredients and convenient to make at home.