Oh this recipe is a treat for all. Inspired by the green food and beverages of St. Patty's Day, we have created a terrific tasting green pancake and green smoothie to add smiles to your morning all week long. The best part about it is we do not use green artificial colors to have a good time. 

Gluten Free Toppings And Add-ons

If spinach isn't your favorite food, that's okay. This green pancakes are made in a way that hides those flavors and sweetens them up just right. Spinach can be used in all sorts of recipes to add iron which many Celiacs and gluten-free / allergen free peeps need more of in their diets. Spinach is believed to also be great for heart health, acne and reduce heart burn. 

Allergen-Friendly Modifications

We included both a gluten free pancake as well as a green smoothie beverage that are both simple and going to be delicious for breakfast. This recipe doesn't need any common allergens, either. Substitute any dairy out with plant based solutions to avoid accidents while celebrating :) We think you may stir up these recipes much more often than just for St. Pattys day once a year. Go try it :) If you enjoy these recipe let us know by rating them 5 stars and share with friends and family. Yum!