When it is lunch time or dinner time we all need a hearty meal that is satisfying and full of flavor. This gluten-free chicken caesar sandwich delivers across the board and can impress. Made with fresh ingredients, hearty chicken or plant based meat options, once you bite in your mouth may water with excitement. Make fresh to order at your house and enjoy!

Allergen-Friendly Modifications

Preferably pasture-raised, no hormone chicken breast or chicken tenders can be the tastiest and leanest protein while always being gluten-free. You can always season it with allergen-free spice, seeds, etc. Be sure to avoid meats that are pre-seasoned as there could be wheat, corn, malts or in general cross-contamination of one or many allergens may occur. It's quite common and best to buy clean meats from reputable brands or farms that you can trust. 

Recipe History

Rumor has it that the chicken caesar tango began in Mexico. Common as a chicken caesar salad tossed to perfection with various vegetables, creamy parmesan cheese, oil and lemon with crunchy croutons. This classic caesar flavor combo is often captured as a dressing to add atop greens and meat at restaurants around the USA. What better way to replicate it on a toasted bagel as a delightful gluten-free caesar sandwich. 

Is it Freezable?

Most definitely! If there is anything left you can certainly freeze your chicken sandwiches. Microwave it the next day or for lunch on a rainy day but be sure to dazzle it with some fresh greens, spices or toppings to make the old food new again!