This recipe is for the burger lovers out there. Meat-lovers also eat gluten-free bagels and sandwiches so this recipe should deliver on a meaty experience with extra jazz. By now you know that The Greater Knead's gluten-free recipes are full of nutrient dense indulgent ingredients. We believe in responsible delicious eating. 

When the weather is pleasant and the sun is out for us to enjoy the day, bbq  grille may be on and ready for action! However, on a rain day, "Gluten Free Burgers" can still be the feature menu item for lunch or dinner on a stovetop pan or broiled in the oven! Nothing gets in the way of a foodie!

Allergen-Friendly Modifications.

If you choose to eat meat-free and are a vegan or vegetarian we encourage you to swap this burger for a plant based burger experience. This recipe is just as fun as it is easy to create. We have included lettuce, tomato, onions, pickled relish of choice, and melted cheese (vegan option encouraged) for a bbq burger without the bun having The Greater Knead bagel for more flavor and versatility. 

Gluten Free Toppings And Add-ons

Our recipe team ensured us all that this is a rather easy burger recipe. You can choose your favorite The Greater Knead bagel that packs in the flavor. We encourage you to try our gluten free onion bagel, garlic bagel, everything bagel, tomato basil bagel or plain bagel for a satisfying meal on our top 9 allergen free bagels. You just can't go wrong because our bagels are dense and chewy full of flavor. 

Can You Freeze Burgers?

When it come to bbq grilling, any type of burger, seafood or veggies can literally. be put on the grille and leftovers can be frozen. But can you wait that long? For those that eat meat or seafood you can grille on a Himalayan pink salt stone slow heated on the grille for tons of extra flavor. Having a basket of chopped vegetables heat up on the grille is also a guaranteed good time.