As gluten-free bagel experts, we thought we’d talk about the important things today; what do you put on gluten-free bagels for breakfast that is indulgent and satisfying? Hear us out, it’s more important than you think. With every topping, you consider adding different elements of flavor, energy, and nutrients to the equation.

Vegetables and fruit add essential micronutrients that keep us healthy. Most spreads like cream cheese and hummus add fat to keep us feeling full for longer. Quality deli meats, smoked fish, and mashed beans add protein to continue building on our satisfaction. And things like pickled onions, olives, and salsa add in flavor.

So let’s talk about what to put on breakfast bagels.

What do you put on Bagels for Breakfast?

What do you put on bagels for breakfast? The first things that come to mind for many are cream cheese, butter, or smoked salmon. But really, the opportunities are endless when it comes to topping breakfast bagels.

What matters most is, what taste good to you and what’s going to provide you with legit nutrient dense ingredients for the day? For many, that's a combination of protein, fat, vegetables, and things that add flavor (like what we talked about above).

You can schmear hummus on a bagel for a naturally plant-based twist. The hummus also adds some fat to help keep you full for longer. You could sprinkle some sliced olives or pickles to pack in the Mediterranean flavor. Maybe even tops things off with some spices to take things to another level. We’re thinking garlic salt or dill to change it up. 

Alternatively, you can go the traditional cream cheese route. Smearing on a generous amount of it (again, to keep you full), topped with veggies like cucumbers or spinach, deli meat, smoked fish like lox or white fish, etc. It’s a classic bagel schmear filling combo that many love.

But... What can you put on a Bagel Besides Cream Cheese?

We all know the classic bagel and cream cheese combo, but what else do you put on a bagel for breakfast? If we think outside the box on this, we can find some creative and delicious ways to top a bagel. Ways that will not only make your tastebuds happy but also your body and mind powered up.

So what else can you put on a bagel besides cream cheese for breakfast? I mentioned hummus above as a potential topping. You can also try peanut butter, almond butter, fruit spreads, or even pumpkin butter.

Speaking of pumpkin, if you’re in the mood for fall-inspired bagels for anytime, you can also try using apple butter, pecan butter, cinnamon dust, and more on top of your morning bagel.

You could also add a twist by topping your bagel with salsa and guacamole. Or turn it into a pizza bagel by using tomato sauce, cheese, basil, and pizza toppings.

Ultimately, Anything Can Go on Breakfast Bagel

When it comes down to what you put on bagels for breakfast, truly anything goes. The sky is the limit as long as you keep your mind open to a reasonable balance of indulgence and nutrition, please! From the classic cream cheese twist to a more fun pizza-inspired breakfast bagel, it’s easy to keep your morning, brunch or anytime bagel quite exciting.

But we want to know, what are your favorite breakfast bagel toppings? Tag us @GlutenFreeBagel on Instagram or #GFbagel