Gluten can be found in so many various foods and drinks making throwing a party seem more difficult than it should be. Dietary restrictions can be tied to anxiety and depression, making it even more important to not let them impede on your life. Don’t let your food allergens or intolerances get in the way of making new, meaningful memories! We’ve got all the tips on how to throw the ultimate gluten-free party without the worries and with all the fun.

How to Throw a Successful Gluten-Free Party

It’s always nice having options available-- saving money on non-gluten-free options for your friends and family who don’t have a dietary restriction is always a great idea. Just make sure to label all the dishes and drinks you’re intending on serving at your party. Having items clearly marked with allergen-friendly information can make all the difference. Check out our incredible free-from recipes for awesome dip ideas, snacks, and other yummy, gluten-free friendly options. Our gluten-free bagels are so versatile that you can create amazing dishes that everyone at your party will love. Our line of gluten-free bagel chips is also perfect for any party!

The Greater Knead Gluten-Free Bagels for Your Next Party

It can always feel tougher going to parties than throwing your own when you’re dealing with celiacs, gluten intolerance, or any dietary restrictions. Calling your host ahead of time to see if there’ll be any gluten-free options is always a great idea. That way you can let them know what you plan on bringing as well-- bringing gluten-free dishes and drinks for you to enjoy can make it more comfortable and enjoyable! Our gluten-free bagels and gluten-free bagel chips can be paired with your favorite dip recipes or made into amazing gluten-free dishes that anyone can enjoy. For more information regarding tips on having a gluten-free party, please contact us!