It's sad to say, but it's true. Stock up on our Poppy and Sesame bagels while supplies last! Why are we waving goodbye to two of our original flavors? Please read below to find out why. Congress recently introduced legislation that would add sesame as a major food allergen, through its Food Labeling Modernization Act of 2015 (HR 4061). With sesame as a growing concern, we wanted to take a step back and think about how we can best help to protect the food allergy community. Currently, the FDA only recognizes eight major food allergens: Peanuts, dairy, soy, tree nuts, wheat, eggs, shellfish, and fish. In Canada, they recognize the FDA’s top 8 major allergens, with the additions of sesame, sulfites, and mustard to make their 10 Priority Food Allergies (Note: In Canada, they combine shellfish and fish in their Seafood allergen category). To maintain safe manufacturing practices, Sweet Note Bakery will be removing sesame entirely from our facility, including our Everything bagel mix. Production on sesame bagels will cease immediately, and sesame seeds will be removed from our Everything mix in the following few weeks. Food Allergy Research and Education release a very powerful video, which can be viewed here, of the real life heartache food allergies can have on families. “The biggest misconception people have about food allergies is that it’s simply some type of annoyance, and that it’s not a real clinical illness, “ states Dr. James R. Baker Jr.; FAREs CEO and Chief Medical Officer. Sweet Note wants to be a part of the solution to over 15 million Americans (and growing) that are affected by food allergies. If this is a step in the right direction in offering safe food products, then we will leap at the opportunity to do so. As new research emerges, we will continue to stay up to date, and make adjustments to ensure the safety of our products. With increasing awareness, and promoting safe manufacturing practices, Sweet Note wants to guarantee that you can continue to eat confidently with us.