Sometime in high school I started dealing with chronic headaches. I went to the doctor and they prescribed migraine medication. Nothing helped. Later I was told the headaches were just stress related. In my mid-twenties I was experiencing a lot of pain and weakness in the joints in my hands. Again, nothing could be determined as the cause. A family history of people with gluten sensitivity and other types of intestinal disease got me thinking about gluten. I had also always had eczema and tons of seasonal allergies. Along with seasonal allergies, I had an allergy syndrome where I reacted to foods related to the plants I was allergic to. After doing some research I decided to try cutting out gluten to see what would happen. Within 2 weeks my joints were feeling great. My skin started looking better. Most importantly, I remember realizing one day that I didn't have a headache. I couldn't really recall the last time that had happened. My journey wasn't guided by medicine, but I do know my body can't handle gluten. When I have reintroduced it, all of my symptoms reappear. If I could go back, I would have sought out more guidance from a doctor or nutritionist for piece of mind. It also would have made the process of learning about being gluten free easier. Now my passion lies in being the best mom I can be and helping others to enjoy gluten free recipes that don't make them feel like they are missing out. Please feel free to check out my blog, @glutenfreejess.