Hi All! I am a senior at the University of North Florida’s Nutrition & Dietetics program, and an aspiring food and wellness blogger. After removing gluten from my diet in 2013, and becoming vegan in 2014, I created a blog, and later an Instagram, to connect with the amazing health and wellness community, and to express myself and share my journey.

After I graduate in April of 2018, I plan on moving to Philly and starting a career in food and health in and around the city. In 2013 I decided to remove gluten from my diet as a result of very persistent acne. I began to research the link between gluten and how wheat is grown in the current agricultural environment and the negative impacts this has on individuals with acne. Within the first 6 months or so of slowly removing gluten products from my diet, my skin drastically cleared up. While I am still young and experience hormonal and stress-triggered acne, my overall complexion has made giant strides and continues to improve over time.

Ever since going gluten free in 2013 and vegan in October of 2014, I have always craved Girl Scout cookies! The combos are iconic, and seriously hard to find vegan (and gluten free!). So, in my quest to quench those cravings, I created these chocolate coconut cookies with The Greater Knead that are reminiscent of a Samoa Girl Scout cookie! They’re soft and gooey, but still have integrity in their little ball shapes. Coconut and chocolate come together in harmony with these little babes, and the toasted coconut chocolate drizzle, from Eating Evolved, just puts them over the top! Plus, these are vegan and gluten-free, so they are perfect for people with dairy and egg issues, or gluten sensitivity or Celiac’s disease. Above all, they are down-right decadent and addictive. I dare you to not eat them in one day!

I’d love to share the recipe with you, which you can find by clicking here! Thank you! Jenna Wallace- jenbenna.wordpress.com (blog) @jenbenna (Instagram handle)