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We offer the only NY Style bagel that is both gluten-free & allergen free. Our gluten free bagels are one of a kind, great tasting, dense and chewy, offering a real NY style bagel experience without sacrificing all-natural, Non-GMO ingredients. Add your choice of spread, topping and stack it up high as Greater Knead bagels can deliver on taste appeal, presentation and variety as a feature item.

  • Over +3 million Americans have Celiac Disease, +18 million more who have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity along with tens of millions of Flexitarians on alternative lifestyles.
  • Food allergies affects 1 in 4 and these diners end up guiding the entire family or group who dine with them.
  • 85 million U.S. consumers managing food allergies spend more than $19 billion annually on specialty food products to avoid allergic reactions or other health consequences.

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