The Bagelator by Oat Foundry

Posted by Michelle Carfagno

Persistence to Find the Best Machine for Packaging: By Michelle Carfagno Check out one of the ways our friends over at Oat Foundry helped us operate our business more smoothly while saving us some money along the[…]

Share Your Story: Mengyi

Posted by Michelle Carfagno

Hello! My name is Mengyi and I am the Research & Development Technologist here at The Greater Knead. Basically, I help materialize Michelle and Alison’s new product ideas by researching and conducting experiments. If you[…]

Community Story: Jenna

Posted by Michelle Carfagno

Hi All! I am a senior at the University of North Florida’s Nutrition & Dietetics program, and an aspiring food and wellness blogger. After removing gluten from my diet in 2013, and becoming vegan in[…]

Share Your Story: Maxie

Posted by Michelle Carfagno

Well, hello there!  I’m Maxie, the Account Manager here at The Greater Knead.  Some of you may recognize my name from the super witty postcards that you find in your UPS orders (you’re welcome!), or[…]

Community Story: Candice

Posted by Michelle Carfagno

ALOHA, If you read no further, I want you to know this: If you have ONE Auto-immune disorder (such as Celiac) on the average you have THREE. If someone has hypo-thyroid due to Hashimoto’s, you[…]

Share Your Story: Alison

Posted by Michelle Carfagno

Hi, I’m Alison and I’m the VP of Operations here at The Greater Knead, and that picture is of my dog Cooper trying his best to take care of me. My typical day starts with,[…]

Share Your Story: Rachel

Posted by Michelle Carfagno

Hi!! I’m Rachel Doreian, the Director of Marketing here at The Greater Knead. I am about to share a little bit about my story, and why building community for me is extremely important when dealing[…]

Community Story: Tracy

Posted by Michelle Carfagno

My Light Bulb By Tracy Bush Nutrimom®- Food Allergy Liaison If someone were to ask you today Have you found your passion in life?  would your answer be yes? What brings us to a point[…]

Community Story: Jessica

Posted by Michelle Carfagno

Sometime in high school I started dealing with chronic headaches. I went to the doctor and they prescribed migraine medication. Nothing helped. Later I was told the headaches were just stress related. In my mid-twenties[…]

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