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Are you someone who cares about gluten free or allergen free safe foods, amazing taste and quality ingredients all simultaneously? Yet you also appreciate stacking up an indulgent, towering bagel with spreads, toppings and any other fixing that gets your mouth watering? Do you put out great energy and vibes in your social communities, too? We’d love you to sign up and share your background with us to be considered for The Greater Knead Ambassador program. Only together can we enhance and impact the lives of millions of consumers seeking products products for those with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, GI discomfort, Top 9 allergies, nut free school safe, vegan, and their families and friends who all benefit from safe food options in the house and on the go.

You Can …

  1. Help Spread The News About The Greater Knead Bagels, Bagel Chips and new Soft Baked Pretzels To So Many Who “Knead” to know.
  2. Enjoy Complimentary Items, New Items And Hear about Opportunities Before Others.
  3. Be Featured on Our Social Media Pages, Email and Other Great Content
  4. Receive An Affiliate Code To Generate Commission on Your Ads, Blogs, Emails, Posts, Stories, etc.


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