By Michelle Carfagno

The Bagelator by Oat Foundry

Persistence to Find the Best Machine for Packaging:

By Michelle Carfagno

Check out one of the ways our friends over at Oat Foundry helped us operate our business more smoothly while saving us some money along the way!

Introducing…The Bagelator!

Rather than buying an expensive automated machine or modify our existing bagel packaging machine, we worked with the guys at Oat Foundry to help create a brand new solution.  Through product design and development, we came up with The Bagelator – a lean-manufacturing retooling of our packaging process along with a bagel-packaging fixture that even doubled our packaging capacity. Working with Oat Foundry helped cut out a large, time-consuming step in our established bagel process, providing us with a cost-effective solution to maximizing our available bagels and increasing our productivity.

Oat Foundry helps small to medium-sized businesses develop their intellectual property into real and unique products and machines as their boots-on-the-ground engineering design & fabrication team. In other words….they build cool stuff!


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